After School Martial Arts


If you're in need of day care or your child is too old for his/hers nursery, try an alternative.


Yong Sung Lee Hapmudo’s After School Martial Arts Program is very structured and promotes self-esteem and a healthy social environment. While your child is enrolled in the after school program you will see:

  • Social and Familial Impacts:
    • Promotion of Self-Concepts and Healthy Choices
    • Keeping Children Safe and Healthy
    • Helping Families and Encouraging Parental Participation
  • Academic Impacts:
    • 100% Homework Completion
    • ​Improved Engagement in Learning
    • Improved Grades
    • Tutoring Available!
  • Fun and Safety:
    • ​Martial Arts classes
    • Participation in various sports or art activities


Stop by and see our program ANY TIME!


Yong Sung Lee Hapmudo will provide our communities youth with Safe, Structured Leadership, through Hapmudo. We will teach harmony of the mind, body and spirit!

Encouraging High Self-Esteem &

Kicking Away Peer-Pressure.


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