What is HAPMUDO?

HAPMUDO MARTIAL ARTS is for everyone!


The meaning of the word Hapmudo:

The way to combine mind and body power for world peace.


HAP – to combine, harmony of the mind and body

MU – Stop the fighting

Do – The way of, Method of study


Hapmudo is The Ultimate Martial Art, where you receive a full and well-rounded Martial Arts education.  You will learn the mental and spiritual benefits of Martial Arts, as well as, training in the physical aspects.  It also includes training in over 70 weapons. Hapmudo is based on the Water, Air, and Sun theory.

WATER THEORY (using attackers power/strength)

When you see water, it is very peaceful.  When water is calm, that is harmony.  When water is disturbed, it creates, waves, and can flow anywhere.  The stronger the disturbance, the stronger the wave, for instance the harder the attack, the greater the resistance.  When you hit water hard with your hand, you hurt your hand.  If you gently lay your hand in water, it will flow gently.  It absorbs the force of any foreign stimulation.  You can never sever water, it is always flowing.  When heat touches water, it flies (steam).  When cold comes, water gets hard (ice).  Water is purity. It cleanses everything.  Water cleans your life.  Whatever
you do water can clean it.

AIR THEORY (Dan – Jun breathing)

Air supports life.  Deep breathing allows oxygen to flow throughout our body stimulating our nerves much like a massage would stimulate our muscles.  Through practicing deep breathing we can control our emotions, if we let our emotions control us, we lose our breathing capacity.

SUN THEORY (Sharing happiness)

The sun gives us life-supporting energy.  Its sunshine sets us free from darkness helping us find answers to our problems.  We teach how to harmonize the mind and body to find happiness in daily life. By sharing this happiness, we are promote world peace.


Dan Jon Breathing:

Control of the heart and lungs are developed. Inner strength is more readily available to you.

Safe Joint Twisting:

Stimulates the nerves and overall metabolism. Massages your meridians and energy channels. Balances your blood pressure and organs.


Serenity in a clean and peaceful state of mind. As a person attains harmony, they find happiness. For this reason, there are no age restrictions in Hapmudo.

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